10 Tips to EXPLODE Your Real Estate Investing Income

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1. DECIDE what you want! Nothing in life is going to
happen unless you know, EXACTLY what you want. Period.

Most people go through life and just deal with the ebb and
flows of life without having a clue what they want. If you
want to EXPLODE your business, you NEED to be different than
“most people”. Decide EXACTLY what you want out of this
thing….write it down, read it daily, make a dream board
and put your dreams and goals on it! If you don’t know what
you want, EXACTLY, then guess what….you ain’t getting it!

2. FIND the tool to get you what you want….

Once you know WHAT you want…you’ve got to find a way to
get there. There are tons of avenues to make money in Real
Estate, so explore the avenues and figure out what fits both
your interest level AND has the potential to get you what
you want! If you want a chunk of cash quickly, it could be
by wholesalilng, if you want cashflow, you might want to
invest in property long term. If you don’t like management,
then look at ways to control property or to create notes.
There are literally thousands of ways to make money in real
estate. Find out what works, and what works for you!

3. INVEST in your future…

Now, this sure as he!! doesn’t have to be money…when I
started I was dead broke….so paying “Rich Dad” $70,000 for
their top of the line program wasn’t in my playbook…but I
could go to the library and learn from some books there at
NO COST. I could also purchase some stuff from the local
bookstore and online…I read forums, I made contacts with
people that knew what they were doing. You can too. Now, I
regularly purchase more expensive courses to continue my
learning, I’ve got a budget to do so from the deals I do. I
suggest you do the same. While it’s often true that “you
get what you pay for”, there ARE ways to get started
learning this business with little or no cash out of your
pocket. So if you don’t have cash right now to invest in
your education….take the TIME that you do have to learn!
You’re going to invest with both time and cash in the long
term if you want to kill it in the Real Estate Investing

4. Find A MENTOR….

If you can find someone who has “been there” and “done that”
and is willing to help you evaluate deals and walk you
through them, then it is worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve
given people HALF the deal when I got started just so I
could learn from them. I was willing to do ALL the work,
and give them half if they’d just walk me through it.
Sometimes having a mentor can give you the extra boost you
need just to believe you can do it for yourself!

5. Learn the Art of Marketing…

Sure…you can probably do this business and make a decent
income without learning this, BUT if you want to EXPLODE
your Real Estate Investing Income, you WILL learn the art of
marketing to put your business a “step above” the others in
your community. Trust me….a little knowledge and a
handful of ideas with this will go a LONG WAY in making your
business EXPLODE!!

6. Get OUT of your business….

If you want to EXPLODE your income, then you need to get out
of doing all of the menial tasks and focus on the major
items. Once you’ve done a few deals, I recommend getting a
Personal Assistant (hint…this is NOT your spouse, business
partner, friend…etc…) to help do all the crap you don’t
want to do so you can focus on the money getting!

7. Become the GO-TO guy in your market…

Not only for people looking for houses, but also for other
investors. If you’re a wholesale expert, become THE EXPERT
in your area so that the other investors in your area turn
to you for advice, bring you the deals, etc. Attend the
local meetings so that people will come to YOU for advice,
help, etc with deals….YOU need to establish yourself as
the GO-TO guy for your specialty.

8. Automate, Automate, Automate….

Once you’ve done some deals, you need to have a Turn-Key
System to handle your deal management from beginning to
end…from marketing, to lead collection, to follow up, to
close, to sale….etc. There are ways out there to do this
EXTREMELY WELL, but honestly, they’re going to require that
you have a few deals under your belt and invest in a
“turn-key management solution”. It ain’t for the guy
getting started, but it IS something that you’ll NEED to do
if you want to EXPLODE your Business!

9. Take MASSIVE Action!

There is nothing that occurs in life without this step.
There are plenty of “learned” people that are unsuccessful.
If you want to blow the doors off the gates, then you can’t
just take a little bit of action: you have to take MASSIVE
ACTION!!! In doing this, it will set you apart from the
crowd and be the key point in exploding your Real Estate

And finally….the last tip to EXPLODE your REAL ESTATE


Now….yeah….this seems WAY outside the box….but if you
do what everyone else does, you’re going to get what
everyone else gets. A part of learning, growing, and
achieving is failure. So understand that you’re going to
fail….it’s gonna happen…accepting that and being willing
to get through the failure on a massive scale will skyrocket
you to success. Now…you can still make money while
failing…my 1st “failure” in Real Estate paid me $5,000 in
about 30 days with appx 8 hours of work. That…is a FACT!
Babe Ruth, the KING of Home Runs….was also the leader in
Strikeouts. There’s a valuable lessen in that…so:
EMBRACE FAILURE…the quicker you do that, the quicker your
business will EXPLODE!

I hope that you enjoy these tips…but I REALLY hope that
you’ll do something more than just read them. Reading them
will get you NOWHERE….taking ACTION on what you’ve read
will take you anywhere you wish to go!

Jason B. Simpson