3 Steps to Instant Success In Real Estate Investing

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1. Decide what you want – This is important
as if you don’t know what you want, then how
will you know if you achieved it. You have to
be specific. Do you want to purchase a certain
number of homes in the next year? Do you want to
do your FIRST deal? Do you want to make X amount
of cash? Do you want to increase your net worth
by a certain amount? Decide what EXACTLY it is
that you want, and write it down, preferably somewhere
that you will see it 2-3 times per day, or more!

2. Find someone who has done what you want to
accomplish –

If you know what you want, then the easiest way to
determine what you need to do is find someone who has
done what you want to do, and then do it.

Here’s a secret tip…

Find someone that has done it, who was in a situation
worse than yours that was able to overcome it. That
can make you have the belief that you can do what you
need to do! It is amazing the number of people that
have found success after seeing someone else do
something that they didn’t think was possible. It’s
even more amazing when the person to achieve success
first did so at a definate disadvantage!

3. Figure out what price you will have to pay to
get what you want. Then, and most importantly…


Make sense?

Most people CRINGE at the third step…they don’t
take ACTION! They can and will read books, take
courses, and go through the motions of believing that
they are actually moving forward

But they’re not…

And that’s the scariest thing of all. If you fail to
take MASSIVE ACTION to move toward your goals, then
you are just kidding yourself. Your job is to find out
what ACTIONS will provide you with the most deals in
Real Estate, and then take those ACTIONS immediately.

…but what if you fail???

Guess what…

You will! I did too! It’s ok…that’s how we learn.

The easiest way to fail is to understand what your
biggest “risks” are in this business, whether real
or just perceived. Then decide that to succeed in a
big way, it is worth it to fail to succeed!

Yeah, I know that’s confusing, but two things I’ve
learned are this……

1. Once you decide to pay the price to succeed and
decide what you’re willing to do, most of the time
you won’t have to pay that price!

2. Once you’ve decided that you’re ok with failing
your way to success, you most likely won’t have to fail
near as much as you think to reach success!

and finally…

3. What are you doing still reading this…what ONE
action can you take RIGHT NOW…TODAY…that will put
you one step towards your goals???

Get after it!!!


And congrats!! I’ll see you on the other side. And
remember…success is just on the other side of failure!

See you there,

Jason B. Simpson