A Simple Overview To Real Estate Courses

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Once you make the decision that you want to learn to invest in real estate, and begin looking at all of the resources out there, the amount of real estate courses out there can be pretty overwhelming, especially considering some of the price tags.

So what’s the best way to decide what real estate courses to invest in, and which ones are just plain worthless junk?

The sad thing is that most people purchase real estate courses based on whoever they hear speaking at their local meeting instead of doing some basic research and then making an intelligent buying decision. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to get a basic overview of real estate, and determine what areas of investing that you want to specialize in. Think of it like a medical doctor….first step is pre-med, then medical school (where they get a fairly intense “basic overview”)…finally, they decide what they want to specialize in and can move forward in that aspect.

What they don’t do is go straight into a neurology program without even knowing if that’s what they’re interested in. I recommend that you don’t either.


The easiest way to get started AND to put some money in your pocket is to get some real estate courses on flipping or wholesaling properties. This is the simplest way to “learn by doing”. Now, there are tons of resources out there and costs can range from free basic information to eBooks, to courses that run into the hundreds of dollars, finally to hands-on boot camps that can often cost thousands.

What’s my take on those? Well, I think that it varies for each person. If it takes someone spending a few hundred dollars to get a couple of real estate courses, and they take action and make tens of thousands of dollars, then it’s a great investment. If they spend a few thousand to learn at a boot camp, and then do the same thing, then it’s a great investment. If they only need to read a free article and do the same thing….then it’s also…a great investment. People are built differently, and learn better in different situations. What may work for me might not work for you.

The important thing to see is that regardless of how you get your education….you use it, otherwise, it’s worthless.


I strongly recommend that while you’re getting started…if you’re going the low risk, high reward way of wholesaling, that you set some of your profits aside for continuing education. The next real estate courses that I’d recommend investing in would be those that give you a decent overview of the different processes so that you can decide for yourself what aspects of real estate are the best for you.


After you’ve done some deals, and gotten your feet wet, you’ll typically have an idea of what, if anything, you’d like to “specialize” in. That’s when you’ll want to invest in real estate courses that are specific to those areas. While buying courses in a haphazard way is the “norm”, it’s better to have a “game plan”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good courses out there and plenty of crap out there as well. The bigger problem is that most real estate courses don’t even get opened…much less taken action on, so I’d say that if you can make it past those two issues then you’re in the top 10%! I have spent a lot of money on my education and while some of it has been less than stellar, I can honestly say that I’ve at least gained one thing that I can apply to my business from each one. And if that brings me one deal…then it was worth it. Your education is invaluable…so make the best of it and continue to invest in it.

Of course, on the other hand…if you get something that’s just crap, send it back. Most of the time real estate courses are backed by at least a 30 day money back guarantee. I guess you’ve got to take it out and go through it first though, right? I hope you do!!

To your massive success,

Jason B. Simpson