How To Buy Real Estate On A Budget


If you’re considering learning How To Buy Real Estate, then I can honestly tell you that now is the best time ever to learn the process and accumulate a good amount of properties regardless of your current financial situation. The economy doesn’t really even play a part as people make fortunes in both good times…

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A Simple Overview To Real Estate Courses

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Once you make the decision that you want to learn to invest in real estate, and begin looking at all of the resources out there, the amount of real estate courses out there can be pretty overwhelming, especially considering some of the price tags. So what’s the best way to decide what real estate courses…

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3 Steps to Instant Success In Real Estate Investing


1. Decide what you want – This is important as if you don’t know what you want, then how will you know if you achieved it. You have to be specific. Do you want to purchase a certain number of homes in the next year? Do you want to do your FIRST deal? Do you…

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Is Flipping Houses / Wholesaling Houses “Risky”???


I’ve read a number of postings on a number of different forums advising that “flipping homes” is risky. I think that it’s a bunch of bunk. Here’s my two cents on the matter…I’ve said it once, and I’ve said it hundreds of times: IN MY OPINION, FLIPPING PROPERTY IS THE BEST WAY FOR A BRAND…

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10 Tips to EXPLODE Your Real Estate Investing Income


1. DECIDE what you want! Nothing in life is going to happen unless you know, EXACTLY what you want. Period. Most people go through life and just deal with the ebb and flows of life without having a clue what they want. If you want to EXPLODE your business, you NEED to be different than…

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My #1 Real Estate Investing Tip


Well….what is it….. This is SIMPLE. So here’s the deal….Investing in Real Estate Can be Complicated….there are so many different options that you could go with….should you start by flipping, investing in rentals, should you invest in single family homes, apartment complexes, commercial deals?  What type of entity should I use…do I need to form…

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