A Review of CoSchedule


If you continue to read this review, and watch the videos, you agree NOT to hold me accountable for being absolutely Blown Away by this Plugin and any purchase decisions that you make (and you will make them) after seeing what this software can do for you!!


So, when I first started on the path of ‘Internet Marketing’, the biggest problem I had was

1.  Integrating all of my social media accounts


2.  Being CONSISTENT in providing content for all of those accounts.

This Plugin Solves Both Of Those Problems

One of my biggest challenges has always been ‘staying organized’, so you can imagine how challenging it would be for me to provide quality content on a consistent basis and integrate it with a ton of social media accounts!  It was almost impossible for me to keep up with!

I originally heard about this plugin from Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire.  I then found out that Michael Hyatt considers it one of his most important pieces of software….so needless to say, I was intrigued.

I watched this short video giving the basics of what this plugin does…

…and then, I went to their website in an attempt to get enough information to decide NOT to buy it.  Seriously….I really didn’t want to buy ANOTHER plugin.  I figured if ‘the best of the best’ were using it, then I had to at least give it a chance…

…I went to the website, and watched all of the tutorial videos

and I got LIVID.  This software was absolutely so incredible that there was NO WAY that I wasn’t going to at least try it out for the two week trial.  (Remember, I wanted to do everything in my power to find ANY excuse to NOT get this program!)

One of my FAVORITE features of CoSchedule is that you can see a calendar of ALL of your scheduled posts in one place, and if you want to change when they go out, you can just DRAG & DROP in the calendar and it’s done!  It’s really THAT EASY!!



The other feature that absolutely blows me away is their ‘Social Queue’ feature!  Basically, within each post, right after you write it, it leads you through scheduling the promotion of all your social media accounts, in a way that’s scheduled out where it’s not spammy!  It’s an AMAZING feature that will definitely increase your views and exposure in a very powerful way!!


Finally, another feature that I’m stoked about is the ‘Top Posts’ feature that basically shows what posts your audience likes best (based on their social media shares), and then you can promote your best posts even more!  Phenomenal feature!


Anyway, I’m extremely excited about CoSchedule, and the fact that I’ll be able to see the layout of my content to make sure that things are setup to go out on a consistent basis!  If you’re doing ANY type of blog, info-marketing, podcasting, etc, I’d highly encourage you to look into this plugin!  It absolutely is blowing me away!!


P.S. If you're AT ALL on the fence, I'd encourage you to click the above button, and watch ALL of the tutorial videos like I did.  It will definitely give you an idea of how powerful CoSchedule really is because I only scratched the surface on what this thing will do!!!